Bring back 98% of your store visitors who leave with no purchase.

Get Extra Sales with powerful dynamic ads on FB & IG.
Use regular, lifestyle & review-based product catalog.
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Let AdMonks do retargeting for you

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Fight cart abandonment and sell more

Recover abandoned carts and save time&money with the use of smart automation.
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Stop burning your ad money

We use advanced remarketing tools, smart automation and algorithms to display your ads only to the people who are most likely to buy.
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Bring people back

Retarget site visitors directly with personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram.
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Your Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook & Instagram

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Attract new buyers and keep them coming back

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Select your most eye-catching product pics and turn them into a lifestyle experience: engaging visual ads straight from your social media feed!
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Retarget your shoppers with dynamic video Ad paintings

Create dynamically generated, customised video ads automatically out of your product pics. Your site visitors will get ads of the exact products they were viewing for 100% effectiveness.
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Boost your ads with strong social proof

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With Loox app integration you can now promote your products with customers best reviews.
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Total extra sales generated for the clients till now
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How it works

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Integrate AdMonks

Add AdMonks to and integrate with and After you connect your Shopify account to AdMonks, it automatically transfers products to Facebook and Instagram and updates the product catalog on a daily basis.

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Set up campaign

With just a few clicks you set up the time frame of your FB campaign, set your ad frequency and exclude bouncing/accidental visitors. AdMonks automatically creates remarketing audiences, selects relevant products to display in dynamic ads and targets the right customers.

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Get People Back and Boost Your ROAS

The ads follow your site visitors directly on Facebook and Instagram, showing the exact products they left behind at your store. That kind of ads boost our clients' Return on Ad Spend up to 12x and more!
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About us Strokes

Our team is a picturesque mix! Apart from hardcore developers and Facebook Ads experts, there's also a Marketing Specialist who used to be a journalist, and a PR Specialist who used to work in culture.
It works!

Best Polish funds invested in our app

Our tools has recently received the first round of investment: over $500 000. We're serious, secure and we're here to stay. To keep up with our plan, we need to deliver and make our users sell more. You can rest assured that we're doing our best to make this happen.

We want to stay close and we will do what's in our power to make people buy your products. We mean it.
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