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We are AdMonks.
We grab your Shopify products and place them in your Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.
We can bring back 98% of your store visitors who leave with no purchase
and get you Extra Sales!

Shopify products
Facebook & Instagram Ads
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What we do
The Easiest App
for Dynamic Product Ads' Automation
Yep, we’ve done some serious research. No other app out there offers these awesome features and keeps as cool 😎 and user-friendly.
Designed with love
for e-commerce
Been there, done that. We know the ups and downs of a Shopifier and we made sure to train our AdMonks as Masters in Empathy.
Taking your Remarketing
to the next level
AdMonks stop your money from burning! Our exclusive features let you exclude accidental visitors and target people that are actually ready to buy.
How it works
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Why you need it
With AdMonks Exclusive Retargeting features our clients get 5x Return on Ad Spend! Use our exclusive features to make the best out of your flexible budget. Exclude accidental visitors and keep your ad frequency just right.
Get the best out of Dynamic Product Ads with just a few clicks! Your site visitors automatically get ads of the exact products they were viewing and the cart abandoners can see the products they left behind.
The app automatically imports products from your store, keeps a daily update of your stock and displays ads just the way you want it! Put your ads on autopilot😉
Exclusive features
AdMonks can do what no other app can do, and it's awesome!
Check out some of our 💥exclusives💥:
  • The BOUNCE RATE FIGHTER automatically excludes bouncing visitors and saves your money on remarketing.

  • The AD FREQUENCY FIXER sets your frequency level just right - no more banner blindness and ad fatigue!

  • The CATALOGUE UPDATER keeps your stock up to date every day so you don’t need to worry you’re advertising products you’ve just run out of.

  • The TAG MASTER brings you FREE conversions, not just likes and comments - the Product Catalog lets you tag items in your Fb posts, leading directly to conversions!

  • The WATCHFUL NOTIFIER sends you a Messenger notification when your ROAS is below expected.
Your fee depends only on EXTRA REVENUE generated by AdMonks

extra revenue generated
in your shop by AdMonks

AdMonks charge


All monks c
🤔You must be wondering who we are . Actual monks? Facebook Retargeting Ninjas?
Social Media gurus? Advertising-campaigns-on-auto-pilot guys?
Easy Shopify-to-Facebook Campaigns software?

In short words➡ we make REMARKETING EASY again😀

The Sad Data 💔 behind e-commerce: 98% of the people who visit your online store leave without any purchase and you’ll never see them again. Out of those who add sth to their cart, 80% abandon it and never 😭 look back.

AdMonks use all the data your visitors and cart abandoners left behind and automatically create Dynamic Product Ads that follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

The tough bunch of AdMonks is an army of marketing specialists, advertising gurus and social media ninjas: and you can get them all in one app!
They know how to FIND CLIENTS for your online store and NEVER LET THEM GO.

They can do all of this on their own, all you have to do is click 👉LAUNCH! 👇
Shopify products
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Try AdMonks free for 14 days